Nanas y Amas

Status: Completed


Nanas y Amas (Lullabies and Love) is an employment agency in Peru that
has been connecting families with domestic workers such as nannies and home
assistants since 2009. Their newest product offering is “Loop”, a mobile application that
connects Venezuelan migrant women with per-hour work opportunities to clean homes
and offices in Lima, Peru. Since 2017, nearly one million Venezuelan women have
arrived in Peru seeking better life opportunities outside of their country. These women
are professionals with years of experience but have a difficult time finding work due to
being migrants and facing xenophobia. Loop offers a way for these women to have
permanent work and earn good income.


Nanas y Amas is looking for help marketing “Loop” and getting more customers.
They currently have 150 customers and are aiming to get 20,000 customers by 2022,
which is the number of customers they need to provide full time work to 1000
Venezuelan women. The deliverables of this project may include and are not limited to:

  1. Media Outreach: contact different local media outlets, social media influencers,
    or office/event centers to share Loop and explore opportunities for
    partnership/bring them on air (Requires fluent Spanish speaker)
  2. Promotional Offer Evaluation: develop different promos/discounts Nanas y Amas
    could use to promote Loop, and provide a cost/benefit analysis for each offering


Seeking 3-4 volunteers with skills, experience, & interest in the following areas:
• Native Spanish speakers
• Grassroots marketing
• Financial modeling of promotional offers

Anticipated Time Commitment

• 3 hours per week
• Expected timeline 4 months
• Stakeholder Timezone: GMT-5 (Peru Standard Time)
• Expected project start: Mid-June

Global Goals