Re-Structuring FAQs

  1. What will the structure of Generation Impact look like when the spinoffs of the GE business occur? We will pivot our operations to focus on building separate GenImpact instances. To start, we will begin with Healthcare and Aerospace instances and are currently working to determine what the specifics of the structure will look like. As we continue to define this structure, we’re looking for the best way to involve our community and Social Impact Ambassadors.
  2. How will this affect the projects with our partners? In the near-term during this transition, we will not be actively seeking new projects but will continue to close out any projects that are in progress. We will update the website with more details regarding how future projects will be scoped with our separate Generation Impact instances.
  3. How can I get updates about Generation Impact through the GE spinoffs? Until the spin-off, we will continue to use the Distribution List for communication. Once the split takes place, we plan to use the GenImpact website as a central communication channel for our network. Stay tuned!
  4. Will Generation Impact continue to send delegates to One Young World? Yes, but the responsibility will no longer fall to the Hub to select candidates but the individual businesses we are partnering with as our spokes to send their own delegation. We hope to see you there!
  5. How will the partner selection process change? We are adopting the new Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations in 2022 and looking for partners who meet these goals already or are striving to meet them in the future.