1Q’2020 Newsletter

This quarter, we have seen great progress across our projects and have grown our core team by one additional person. Stay safe everyone and look forward to exciting items in the pipeline! Past newsletters will be available on the website soon.

Team Lead: Vaishnavi Kishore; Team: Negin Behzadian, Vivian Hong, Priya Achaibar

Team lead: Valisquez (Lino) Ramirez; Team: Emily Claps, Marlene Rordriguez

Team lead: Ben Turnbull; Team: Nambiar, Kavitha; K, Deepak; Gaby Napier

Team lead: Rachel Hedrick; Team: Vusala Eynullayeva; Nii Laryea; Krishna Reddy, Bernardo Suarez

Biomedical Equipment Technician (BMET) training was adopted with PIH (Partners In Health) by the team of four.

PIH requested help in understanding and consolidating their needs for a BMET training program and comparing those to the options available.

The team delivered both a program guide and Pugh matrix tool to help them in their evaluation; the program guide detailed existing programs and provided our recommendation based on PIH’s needs, and the Pugh matrix offered a tool for PIH to objectively re-evaluate programs based on their changing needs over time.

The most exciting part is that PIH’s senior leadership is invested in adopting the right program. The team is excited to see which route PIH chooses!

Maintenance & Calibration tool has progressed and now has the backend developed along with user interface feedback collected from potential users.

It will be a tool to track maintenance and warranties for hospital equipment for use by Biomedical Engineers, Managers, and technicians.

In sub-Saharan Africa, the WHO estimates that as much as 70% of laboratory and medical equipment is partially or completely out of service.PIH seeks to reverse this trend and equip biomedical technicians with the training and tools necessary to service and maintain equipment.

Due to Covid-19 the development of the tool is stopped because PIH had to divert all their available time to fight the pandemic.

Work will resume once COVID-19 is under control.

WholeForest sustainably and ethically farms portions of Ecuador’s Chocó rainforest for production of high quality furniture and building material.

Their model resists deforestation and keeps carbon storied in a healthy forest, offering products with lower embodied energy that reflects in a reduced carbon footprint.

Since last Fall, our team has welcomed several new team members and is equipped to dive into our next phase of research. Given a clarified value proposition, we have defined several target markets and are working to collect a list of focused, high potential clients for WholeForest’s upcoming stakeholder interviews.

We plan to deliver a focused client portfolio, highlighting relevant sustainability programs, building projects, key contacts and more in the coming months!

Nuway is designing safe boda boda (motorcycle) riding for female passengers on Uganda’s busy streets.

The goal is offer these safe seat additions for every motorcyle in Uganda. The additional safe seat prevents passengers, often females, from falling off the motorcycle, kneeling while riding, or potentially burning themselves on the exhaust.

Phase I was scoped to develop the burn rate, market size and revenue projection for non profit business plan. Phase II had goals of developing a business valuation to share with board members and creating a go-to-market and advertising strategy.Working with start ups often involves more guidance through collaborative, iterative questions and feedback. 

We strived to ensure the process was an educational experience for the Nuway team to utilize it going forward – to enable them to adjust the financial projections and marketing strategy as the organization progresses.

GEneration Impact Update:

Meet our newest core team member – Mihael Plut – graduate of the Edison engineering development program. Learn more about our core team here!

Day 3 – Education, Peace, and the Closing Ceremony

Francisco Ponce, one of our GE delegates, gives his impressions of the final day.. He reflects on the inspiring young speakers – the CEO of Girl Boss who used the challenges she faced as fuel to inspire others, a survivor of the Pakistan terrorist attacks who is now a peace and education activist, and a blind student who created unique solutions to enable others to learn.

The third and last day of One Young World 2019 arrived with a lot of energy and enthusiasm from the 2000+ soon-to-be ambassadors. The environment felt different from Day 1. A sense of community and partnership has been developed over the last 3 days and it can be felt in each room of the London summit venues.

The main two topics for the plenary sessions were focused on Sustainable Development Goals 4 (Quality Education) and 16 (Peaceful Future).

Teaching is not a profession, it’s a human responsibility. Choose to be a teacher and a mentor.”

Lord Michael Hastings

Education is a topic I’m passionate about and I strongly believe it needs to be a top priority in our agendas – we need to provide minorities the opportunity to take a seat on the table where the future is being decided. School curriculum needs to be adapted to keep pace with the speed of our evolving world. We heard from Alexia Hilbertidou and her passion to empower young women in New Zealand to pursue STEM careers, met Kartik Sawhney who created I-Steam, an organization providing skills to more than 1200 students with disabilities around the world through accessible training programs and other education activists.  

“I strongly believe that you, young people, have the power. Our voices are what give us the power. You can use yours to shine the light on the problems that prevent our growth.”

Ahmad Nawaz

I personally felt touched by the story of Ahmad Nawaz, an 18 years old Peace & Education activist that survived the terrorist attack on the Army Public School in Pakistan in 2014 that took 150 lives, including his own brother. Since then, Ahman has created an organization to provide education to children in conflict areas.

Our changing world requires a stronger leadership with multilateral collaboration, willing to work across generations. This was a constant message from the elder members at OYW – which included Mary Robinson, former & first female president of Ireland, Gro Harlem, First Minister of Norway and Sir Richard Branson. 

Do not let success get to your head and failure get to your heart

Paul Polman, former CEO of Unilever

As every good experience, OYW comes to an end. During the closing ceremony, Paul Polman shared a speech summarizing the highlights of OYW 2019, making every person in the room reflect on the discussion points from the Summit and a call for action to make ourselves responsible for the liberty, privileges and rights we have.

The last day also brings a meaningful ceremony for the first-time delegates that will accept the pride and responsibility of joining the 10,000+ OYW ambassadors that work to accomplish the 17 UN SDGs . Each one of us wrote down a personal commitment in a ribbon that was put together into a single chain that represents what we will make happen. As of October 25th 2019, GE has 14 new OYW ambassadors committed to make a difference.

Paco (Francisco) Ponce

Post written by Paco Ponce.

Paco (Francisco) is a DTLP alumni, who is now in Norwalk, CT for his full-time role. He is most passionate about SDG goals 4 and 5.

Day 1 – 190 Nations – One Soul

Mihael Plut, one of our GE delegates, was selected as the sole bearer of the Croatian flag during the opening ceremony. He gives his take on the choice of London as the conference location and his unique experience on representing his country.

“I was privileged to be chosen as the flag bearer for Croatia. The electrifying excitement started at the rehearsal and exploded in the full concert hall several hours later. It wasn’t the jitters of performing in front of an audience but rather the idea of having this diversity under one roof so engaged and determined to work together no matter what color is the tint in our flags.

Prior to the One Young World 2019, London hosted only one event comparable in number of different nations participating – the Olympic games in 2012.

In the Royal Albert Hall, more than 190 nations were represented by the 2000 One Young World delegates. Delegates of different cultures, languages, religions and views have joined a unique quest to create a better world.  

And there couldn’t be a more fitting, multicultural city to host such an event other than London. Over 250 languages are spoken in London, making the capital the most linguistically diverse city in the world. The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, celebrated these differences in his speech and how we can leverage them to grow, united.   

Similarly to the Olympics in the highlight of the opening ceremony, each of the nations was represented by its own flag bearer.

There may have been 190 flags but they were all moved by one soul of the new generation.

The flag is a symbol of a country’s heritage, identity and pride. The flag bearers have paid respect to their own flag by waving them, high, in front of the whole world to see. The enthusiasm and the energy with which they have cut through the heated atmosphere of the Royal Hall was only trumped by the plethora of national dresses that the flag bearers wore. 

There may have been 190 flags but they were all moved by one soul of the new generation. A generation that is the most informed, most educated, most connected generation in human history.

Let’s learn from our past and instead of fighting our differences, let’s take advantage of them to build a better tomorrow, together!

Post written by Mihael Plut.

Mihael is an EEDP alum with GE Renewables. Mihael has been involved in social impact with GE through a buildOn trek to Senegal and is passionate about education and political inclusion.

Day 1 – The Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony consisted of world-class performances, speeches from prominent leaders , and an introduction to the councilors which included leaders such as Nobel Prize Laureate Muhammad Yunus and Her Royal Highness Meghan Markle and ended with a ceremony where delegates represented 190+ countries.

Photos from left to right: North Korea and South Korea flag holding hands, UK flag passed through the crowd, GE delegate Mihael Plut representing Croatia

“Today’s opening ceremony was full of energy from start to finish. We opened with a beautiful spoken word poem before transitioning to our keynote speakers and various dance and musical performances. 

It’s an incredible and overwhelming feeling to be at a forum designed to bring the world’s young, educated, passionate leaders together. 

~2k delegates were selected from 50k+ applicants across 190+ countries

20M people have been impacted by connections made at OYW since 2010

A place where change happens…together. Despite any differences we may have, these are dedicated ambassadors making a positive impact on the world. 

Among all the speakers and performances (OYW Founders, Mayor of London, Flag bearers from all countries etc.) one message stood out to me the most.

“We are here to shape the future instead of letting the future shape us.”

I felt this in real time when I got to speak with Grete Kikas from Estonia – founder of Diagnostic Match. Approximately 50% of patients don’t know they have HIV and could spend years spreading it. Diagnostic Match uses an algorithm to test patients and give them a diagnosis earlier.

 It’s really mind blowing to be in a space where so many people are passionate about making global change! I’m looking forward to what’s in store for the days ahead.”

Post written by Jordan Richardson.

Jordan is a current HRLP with GE Power. Jordan has been involved in social impact with GE through a buildOn trek to Senegal and is passionate about education and gender equality.

Ready for OYW 2019 – Hello London!

Stay tuned over the next week for our Delegate Posts, and get an up-close view of each day of the conference from a range of perspectives!

The One Young World conference is from October 22 – 25, 2019, and our delegates have flown in from all over the world ready to network with and learn from some of the greatest minds focused on social impact!

I flew in to London today and could not be more excited for the next 4 days!

The purpose of the conference is to connect young people globally who want to make an impact in order to accelerate their potential through making connection and creating a supportive atmosphere and connected global alumni.

The schedule is packed: back to back talks and networking events with accomplished speakers ranging from Fortune 100 CEOs and global politicians to young delegates making impactful changes locally and globally, all focused on solving the world’s biggest problems centered on the Global Goals. The purpose of the conference is to connect young people globally who want to make an impact in order to accelerate their potential through making connection and creating a supportive atmosphere and connected global alumni.

Learn more about the global goals at: https://www.globalgoals.org/

A brief overview of GE’s history with One Young World

GE has organized GE delegations for the Summit for the past five years in order to inspire and recognize early career employees who have been making impact.

Over the years, 56 delegates represented a broad cross-section of our GE leadership programs (OMLP, FMP, CLP, HRLP, CAS, EEDP, DTLP), more than a dozen countries, and spanned all GE businesses. Being a delegate is a huge honor and a recognition of the work that these employees have put in and their passion towards the global goals.

Some highlights on the agenda I’m excited for!

  • Professor Muhammad Yunus (Nobel Prize Laureate, Founder of Grameen Bank) on eradicating the harmful effects of capitalism
  • Vismay Sharma (Managing Director for L’Oreal UK) on Can businesses solve social problems?
  • Workshop hosted by the London School of Economics on ‘Partnering for Peace’
  • More! (Full agenda here)

Meet our delegates!

Post written by Priya Achaibar.

Priya’s part of the core Generation Impact team, and participated in projects such as SafeSurgery2020 and a trek to Malawi to build a school with the buildOn organization. Priya is a grad of DTLP and Corporate Audit Staff.