About Us

About Us

We support organizations to scope out projects which contribute directly to the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development and match them with pro-bono consulting teams.

In 2020, Generation Impact kicked off 14 projects, finalized 26 social impact ambassadors from 7 countries, and sent 11 delegates to the One Young World conference.

The Global Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a UN-sponsored 15-year framework for achieving global development and sustainability goals by the year 2030.

The 17 SDGs (a.k.a. “Agenda 2030”) were adopted in 2015 by the UN General Assembly, succeeding the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) set in 2000.
The MDGs and SDGs are the product of several decades of UN-led dialogues on coordinated global efforts to address the most pressing environmental social, and economic challenges facing the world community.

Our History

The GEneration Impact story began in 2014 when a group of passionate GE employees attended the One Young World conference.

When they returned, they reached out to the GE Foundation, and began supporting projects as volunteers.

Since then, the group has expanded to work with various non-profits, incubators, social enterprises, and more!

GE Affiliation

Generation Impact was founded by and is primarily comprised of GE employee members. While this network is motivated by individual corporate social responsibility, it is not sponsored by or an affiliate of GE, Inc.