OYW 2021 Summary

In the span of four days, we were given the gift – a heavy, and amazing gift – of a space to hear from some of the great changemakers across the world, to deep dive into and face the pressing global issues without distraction, to connect with other passionate individuals and grow solutions that work towards the 17 SDGs. Energized, overwhelmed, guilty, determined – all of these emotions can exist all at once in the direct aftermath of this experience.  

In this emotional soup wake, we also have the gift of advice to reflect on, and make sense of what is next: 

  • Desire to solution and solve everything immediately –>
    • Give yourself the time to reflect 
    • Determine the things you are interested in, the skills you have 
    • Think global, act local 
    • Real lasting change takes time 
  • Worry about meeting goals in 2030 –> 
    • Having goals, metrics, and deadlines means we have a clear direction to make change 
    • It is not about 2030, but about the focus and determination to work towards shared goals 
    • There is not an option to not achieve them, this will be work we all have to do 
  • Afraid of doing something wrong –> 
    • There is no perfect action, but doing something is worthwhile 
    • Be kind to yourself, that feeling is there because you care 
    • Remind yourself why – this will keep you motivated, and direct your work 
    • Partnership, collaboration – it is ok to ask for help, to find your strengths and to find others to support the gaps with their strengths

“If you’re going to be a leader, you cannot give up. You can never give up.” – Cher @ OWY2021

Post written by Vivian Hong and Richie Tran


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