Day 4

Even though it felt like the summit had just started, the time of the last day had already arrived. The main topics of the days were COVID-19 recovery and to conflict resolution.

The morning opened with presentations from two of the brightest sport stars. Sir Lewis Hamilton, seven time Formula 1 champion, shared the work he has been doing to tackle racial inclusivity in racing and in STEM education. Steph Curry, twice NBA MVP, introduced us to his commitment to ensure children in the world have a quality education and do not have to suffer from hunger.
After a discussion on the recovery from the COVID-19 crisis in India, it was time for the first panel of the day.

The keynote speaker was Angela Hwang from Pfizer Pharmaceutical group, who shared with us the incredible effort that lead to the mass scale production of the Pfizer-Biontech vaccine in only a few months. If mankind was to put the same effort in other challenges, many complex problems that have been affecting the world would soon be gone.

The delegate speakers then shared some incredible stories of their effort in fighting the pandemic and other diseases, showing how each one of us can make a huge difference in his own community and therefore in the entire world.
“Turreya te appaReya. You will reach the destination, once you start.” –  old Punjabi saying.

The second part of the day started with a plenary session on conflict resolution with keynote speaker Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya. With her tremendous work in Belarus she united the opposition and presented a stronger than ever challenge to the autocratic leader, Alexander Lukashenko. She reminded us that only unity and solidarity can make the authoritarian regimes fall. The violence can only be fight back peacefully. Then we heard from the extraordinary OYW delegates that experienced war and war repercussion in their life. Marigona Shabiu shared her story from when she was 5 year old and the war in Kosovo started. She is working now towards debunking myths and countering monoethnic narratives about the war. Rez Gardi from Kurdistan made it clear in her speech that if displaced people receive higher education, they can develop necessary skills to building peace in their nations. Nujeen Mustafa as a physically disabled refugee who crossed the entire continent with her family reminded us that youth should have a seat at the table and that peace making includes refugees and people with disabilities. For me these were ones of the most impactful speeches of the summit. I applaud the resilience and courage of each of these delegates and come back home with a new perspective on refugee crisis and conflict resolution.

After the session, accompanied by music and good energy we headed together to BMW world museum for the closing ceremony, where the current host of the summit, City of Munich handed over to officials from Tokyo for the next year summit.

Post written by Luca Anselmi and Anna Szarowicz

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