Day 3

Day 3 of One Young World 2021 showcased young leaders around the world tackling problems like Food insecurity, Racial injustices, Empowerment through education and inclusive connectivity through technology among many others. We also had the privilege to get inspired by counselors like Prof. Yunus, Joe Kaesar, Munroe Bergdof, David Hasselhoff, Paris Hilton & Dame Vivian Hunt.

The Systemic racial injustice that plagues our world today was at the heart of today’s sessions. We heard from Diana Chao on Racism & hate towards Asian communities. Conspiracies & scapegoatism are just some of the things that Asian people have been subjected to during the pandemic.

“We(Asians) are diverse, we are full of our own stories and our voices are worth being listened to” Diana Chao

In the Education plenary, after an opening keynote by McKinsey’s Dame Vivian Hunt, Delegate speakers shared how they’re overcoming obstacles created by the start of 4th industrial revolution and creating educational opportunities in the most innovative ways. The 4th industrial revolution will and has already begun to disrupt every industry & country and has to be addressed to create a better and just future. The quality of initiatives and emotions generated by the stories of those amazing and courageous delegates really made DAY 2 unique and more than empowering.

The digital platform for this year also offered videos and interviews of ambassadors who returned home after attending OYW in the past and made a difference in their communities, part of which is Gabriella Napier, a GE Healthcare colleague and Co-Founder of GEneration Impact, of whom we are all proud of.

From today’s activities, our take-away is that we can all make a difference by being ourselves and tackling issues that we most resonate with, not alone, but with people ready to turn crazy ideas into life-changing realities with us.

“Being informed, educated & connected is important. But context & quality also matter.” – Dame Vivian Hunt

Post written by Nirranjani S. and Ange-Christelle Kangue Sere Sahue

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