Day 2

Friday, July 24th marked the second day of the OYW summit and the first full day of speakers and workshops. Themes of the day consisted of Rights and Freedoms, Standing for Justice, Creating an accessible future for all, and Protecting our planet. Counselors on stage included actor and activist Terry Crews, Leena Nair, Unilever’s Chief Human Resource Officer, Mary Robinson, Chair of The Elders & Former President of Ireland, and Bernard Looney CEO, BP.
The second day of the OYW was a rollercoaster of emotions. Fellow delegates shared anguishing stories reflecting their reality, while motivating speakers fueled us to take action.
One key focus on Day 2 was defending our rights in a world that increasingly threatens them. Shoshana Zuboff, author and Professor Emeritus at HBS, highlighted that “engineered digital communications” are used to target vulnerable communities by entities to get what they want. The topic on disinformation was continued by award-winning journalist, Paola Ramos, who dove deeper on the repercussions for the Latinx community, stating an example that it takes Facebook three days to take down fake news in English, but three weeks if the same fake news were in Spanish.
“Even if you don’t agree with another person’s perspective, you have to listen with empathy and respect.”- Terry Crews
Dr. Sigrid Nikutta, Member of the Management Board of Deutsche joined the stage educating on the economic and sustainable benefits of rail versus road transportation. Rail transportation emits 80-100% less CO2 than road and is approximately twice as cost effective.
“You’re the necessary heroes now. The real adventures without the silly costumes.” – Richard Curtis, Writer, Director, SDG Advocate
Post written by 2021 GE Delegates Laurence Dale Diao and Rachel Hershorin

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These are only a few of the incredible stories that were shared across the stages of day two. More to come from day three!

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