1Q’2020 Newsletter

This quarter, we have seen great progress across our projects and have grown our core team by one additional person. Stay safe everyone and look forward to exciting items in the pipeline! Past newsletters will be available on the website soon.

Team Lead: Vaishnavi Kishore; Team: Negin Behzadian, Vivian Hong, Priya Achaibar

Team lead: Valisquez (Lino) Ramirez; Team: Emily Claps, Marlene Rordriguez

Team lead: Ben Turnbull; Team: Nambiar, Kavitha; K, Deepak; Gaby Napier

Team lead: Rachel Hedrick; Team: Vusala Eynullayeva; Nii Laryea; Krishna Reddy, Bernardo Suarez

Biomedical Equipment Technician (BMET) training was adopted with PIH (Partners In Health) by the team of four.

PIH requested help in understanding and consolidating their needs for a BMET training program and comparing those to the options available.

The team delivered both a program guide and Pugh matrix tool to help them in their evaluation; the program guide detailed existing programs and provided our recommendation based on PIH’s needs, and the Pugh matrix offered a tool for PIH to objectively re-evaluate programs based on their changing needs over time.

The most exciting part is that PIH’s senior leadership is invested in adopting the right program. The team is excited to see which route PIH chooses!

Maintenance & Calibration tool has progressed and now has the backend developed along with user interface feedback collected from potential users.

It will be a tool to track maintenance and warranties for hospital equipment for use by Biomedical Engineers, Managers, and technicians.

In sub-Saharan Africa, the WHO estimates that as much as 70% of laboratory and medical equipment is partially or completely out of service.PIH seeks to reverse this trend and equip biomedical technicians with the training and tools necessary to service and maintain equipment.

Due to Covid-19 the development of the tool is stopped because PIH had to divert all their available time to fight the pandemic.

Work will resume once COVID-19 is under control.

WholeForest sustainably and ethically farms portions of Ecuador’s Chocó rainforest for production of high quality furniture and building material.

Their model resists deforestation and keeps carbon storied in a healthy forest, offering products with lower embodied energy that reflects in a reduced carbon footprint.

Since last Fall, our team has welcomed several new team members and is equipped to dive into our next phase of research. Given a clarified value proposition, we have defined several target markets and are working to collect a list of focused, high potential clients for WholeForest’s upcoming stakeholder interviews.

We plan to deliver a focused client portfolio, highlighting relevant sustainability programs, building projects, key contacts and more in the coming months!

Nuway is designing safe boda boda (motorcycle) riding for female passengers on Uganda’s busy streets.

The goal is offer these safe seat additions for every motorcyle in Uganda. The additional safe seat prevents passengers, often females, from falling off the motorcycle, kneeling while riding, or potentially burning themselves on the exhaust.

Phase I was scoped to develop the burn rate, market size and revenue projection for non profit business plan. Phase II had goals of developing a business valuation to share with board members and creating a go-to-market and advertising strategy.Working with start ups often involves more guidance through collaborative, iterative questions and feedback. 

We strived to ensure the process was an educational experience for the Nuway team to utilize it going forward – to enable them to adjust the financial projections and marketing strategy as the organization progresses.

GEneration Impact Update:

Meet our newest core team member – Mihael Plut – graduate of the Edison engineering development program. Learn more about our core team here!

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