Day 1 – The Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony consisted of world-class performances, speeches from prominent leaders , and an introduction to the councilors which included leaders such as Nobel Prize Laureate Muhammad Yunus and Her Royal Highness Meghan Markle and ended with a ceremony where delegates represented 190+ countries.

Photos from left to right: North Korea and South Korea flag holding hands, UK flag passed through the crowd, GE delegate Mihael Plut representing Croatia

“Today’s opening ceremony was full of energy from start to finish. We opened with a beautiful spoken word poem before transitioning to our keynote speakers and various dance and musical performances. 

It’s an incredible and overwhelming feeling to be at a forum designed to bring the world’s young, educated, passionate leaders together. 

~2k delegates were selected from 50k+ applicants across 190+ countries

20M people have been impacted by connections made at OYW since 2010

A place where change happens…together. Despite any differences we may have, these are dedicated ambassadors making a positive impact on the world. 

Among all the speakers and performances (OYW Founders, Mayor of London, Flag bearers from all countries etc.) one message stood out to me the most.

“We are here to shape the future instead of letting the future shape us.”

I felt this in real time when I got to speak with Grete Kikas from Estonia – founder of Diagnostic Match. Approximately 50% of patients don’t know they have HIV and could spend years spreading it. Diagnostic Match uses an algorithm to test patients and give them a diagnosis earlier.

 It’s really mind blowing to be in a space where so many people are passionate about making global change! I’m looking forward to what’s in store for the days ahead.”

Post written by Jordan Richardson.

Jordan is a current HRLP with GE Power. Jordan has been involved in social impact with GE through a buildOn trek to Senegal and is passionate about education and gender equality.

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